Welcome to our Play School! Our philosophy is one of love and respect.

We believe in striving for great heights while recognizing each child as unique and wonderful; a member of our community of learners.

Our job is to enrich and inspire, as well as introduce children to a safe environment to practice independence while engaging in science and nature study, language and great literature, reading readiness, math, art and craft experiences, and musical expression.

Together as partners with you — our children’s first teachers, we hope to implement a developmentally appropriate, outstanding program that helps develop the whole child.


About Iris Tompkins, Director

Iris Tompkins is the former owner/director of a large,
award winning preschool in the suburbs of New York City.

Since selling her school and moving to Florida, she has been the Center Director of a large, nationally recognized preschool in Boynton Beach.

With a desire to work directly with preschool children, she brings her love of teaching and vast experience to The Learning Circle of Wellington.